AC High Voltage Test Set ACHV - 1028

AC High Voltage Test Set

AC High Voltage Test Set ACHV - 1028

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 AC High Voltage Test Set for various capacities from 3 kV to 200 kV voltage output and leakage current output from 0 to any range required.

  • These sets are suitable for applied voltage tests on transformers, motors, gloves bushing and many other electrical types of equipment and insulating materials and components.
  • The sets are capable of giving continuously variable control of High Voltage from zero to maximum rated output voltage and maintaining pressure at the desired level by supplying the charging current necessary for the capacity of the equipment under test.
  • Generally available in one unit and sets for higher output voltage are available in two units.
  • However, in case if required sets in more than two units can also be manufactured.
  • Input: 230V or 415V AC 50Hz (Anyone) (generally 230V is provided for sets up to 15 KVA Capacity)
  • Output: Continuously variable between 0 to the maximum rated output voltage.
  • Max Capacity: AC HV unit are spread over a wide voltage and current and voltage range from 2KV to 200kV having capacity from several VA to several hundred KVA. However, the KV rating might go beyond 200kV if required by the customer
  • Duty Cycle: Unless specified the test sets are made for an intermittent duty cycle of 10 mins ON and 15 mins OFF
  • AC and DC combined high voltage sets are also available 
  • Please inform the kV rating, leakage current rating and also inform whether the test set is AC or AC/DC combined, at the time of placing the order.